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Linea-Storia case study:

Streamlining communication and customer support workflows

Executive Summary

Linea-Storia introduced Typetalk alongside Nulab’s project management tool Backlog to improve task management, streamline communication, and organize their internal workflows. All 26 members of their staff across offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Seoul now use Typetalk.


Linea-Storia used to use Skype for both communication and simple task management. But Skype lacked a few key functions that made their jobs more difficult, especially when it came to keeping chats organized and up-to-date.

There also wasn’t a great way to manage their internal accounts as a whole. Security was a concern, and sometimes the wrong info would get shared by accident with external users.

They needed a way to keep their tasks and conversations more organized while giving them more control over things like user privileges.

Junpei Murase
Junpei Murase, CEO

“Typetalk is a chat tool that supports not only open communication with the team but also important aspects of the business.”

How Backlog and Typetalk Helped

First, Linea-Storia discovered Backlog and decided to implement it as their task solution. When they saw that there was a chat app available that integrated with the tool, they hopped right on board.

Using Typetalk and Backlog together, they found that their chat app was able to support not only more open communication, but also drive forward the goals of the business.

They created Topics for their various teams as well as work functions. They moved their customer support workflow out of Google spreadsheets and started managing requests and responses right in Typetalk. Typetalk also became a place to brainstorm new products and keep ideas constantly flowing.

Results, return on investment and future plans

Typetalk improved efficiency, productivity, and communication throughout the entire company. It helped to streamline customer support and other internal processes. And it gave the company more control over the security of their internal information.

Linea-Storia’s CEO Junpei Murase says he’s only looking to expand the many uses of Typetalk in the company to continue improving every aspect of the business.

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